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About Sunvalley Farmstay!

About 20 kilometers from Palakkad in Kerala and Pollachi in Tamil Nadu, on the Palakkad - Pollachi road - between Kerala - Tamil Nadu in South India and spread across 10 acres is Sunvalley Farmstay. This farm with 25-year - old twin farm houses has opened its door as a Farmstay for family gathering guests, who are willing to spend some quality time with close ones in nature’s lap with farming background. Offering you and your family - new and old generation a wonderful opportunity to experience everyday life at a farm or village in Kerala’s one of the finest communities’ lives.

Come and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Kerala countryside in one of our spacious rooms. Farmstays are a unique accommodation option if you want a real taste of rustic, authentic Kerala farm life. Roll up your sleeves and pitch in if you wish to experience the entire farm life by feeding the lambs, calves, swans, ducks, geese, turkey, fishes, emu, etc.

Paddy Field at Palakkad

This is a wonderful experience for those who want to meet farmers and want to experience about what goes into food harvesting to bridge the gap between urban and rural lifestyles. While you seek the perfect holiday experience with family and friends, you will find the perfect accommodation, traditional food and farm activities in a beautiful Kerala countryside.

Sunvalley farm stay offers our guests an interactive and family focused stay, where you get close connectivity to natural way of living along with the best of amenities clubbed. Get to feed and pet farm animals and learn how a farm function. It offers a peaceful retreat in the lap of Mother nature and a superb chance to catch up on some quality family time / togetherness - far from the maddening crowds and hustle-bustle of monotonous urban living.

Spend time in a typical Kerala countryside and experience our lifestyle – for a night, a long weekend, or more! Our guests are given the keys to our Farmstay to use as their very own with well-trained, graciously polite, ever-smiling and friendly staff waiting hand and foot to cater to all your needs.

We also offer spacious and comfortable outdoor:wild, forest, plantation, camping, pool, water streams, tents for that rustic experience if you so desire. Sunvalley Farmstay is a destination in itself and it offers our guests an opportunity to reconnect with rural heritage of living and sustainability of humanity.

Sunvalley Farmstay is proudly brought to you by Dhinesh and Shyma along with family members - Promoters of the much-loved and popular Sunvalley Homestay at Coonoor-Ooty in the Nilgiris hills of Tamil Nadu.


Sunvalley Farmstay at Palakkad

Dear fellow travelers in the journey of Life, this is Dhinesh and my lovely wife & partner Shyma. We are currently based in Singapore living with 2 children aged 21 (psychologist) and 19 (servicemen in Singapore Defence), we were living in India till 2005 full time. We love to travel, enjoy varieties in food, excited & inspired by nature and love exploring places and cultures. Of course, we are passionate about trying and experimenting balanced living concepts where we strongly believe human race shall always be thankful to nature and live a life sustainable and balanced with mother nature. Natural farm/food products and balanced living / farming concepts were always be our inspiration and drive of the life.

I was born as 5th & last member of the family in the era when agriculture/farming in India was struggling to survive in 60’s and 70’s. Grown-up & educated from remote & backward village in Palakkad by family / siblings’ support. Education and exposure to outside world made an Instrumentation engineer(automation & control systems). Knowingly or unknowingly connected with oil & gas industry since 1986 - got employment/training opportunity across different places and great companies in India like ONGC, Reliance etc..... around Mumbai/Gujarat and thus traveling began with an open world where opportunities has to be explored self...!

The dream then was to find a good paying job which makes decent money to own a car, good house within a large farm close to my hometown and a beautiful wife with lovely kids!!!!! Pls. imagine that the era was challenging to even own a bike where no Mobile phone, TV or Internet commonly available. That was the limit of the aspirations or wisdom I could reach at that time.

Only when more traveling and exploration of the world became common to everyone, I started realizing how simple and humble life can be and where wealth will lead you to and how happy life can be for everyone if we all do a little part to inspire & innovate people with some wisdom in their life.

With the experiences gained from Sunvalley homestay in Coonoor-Ooty over the last 10 years, we decided to convert our own farm, which we bought 25 years ago into a nice Farmstay, instead of selling the place and enjoy with good returns on some other investment.

Also, there are very passionate family members including my mother-in-law who is always been fond of gardening, farming, animals, pets, vegetation, cooking, nature etc. ... We also found that this could mean a lot to many people who are looking for an opportunity to making their livelihood for life - who couldn’t easily re -locate to urban areas in the lookout for jobs!!!!.

As we were learning life over years and the urge to go back to roots as basics of life, living, livelihood and sustainability Sunvalley farms concept evolved. we wanted our next generations as well to experience and value those.... So it is our dedication to the society and civilizations to balance the developments and modern life with mother nature and all living species of this earth.... Pls. come and share your expectations, concepts and experience/ imaginations for a sustainable living here at Sunvalley farms along with our family....

Life is a journey.... Enjoy the drive.... Leave behind minimum impressions of damage to mother nature.... Let generations explore, experiment and enjoy the happiness of living....

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