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Facilities at Sunvalley Farmstay


Wake up to the smell of a hearty farmstead breakfast. Every dish we serve is always freshly made and served steaming hot as per your requirement. Every dish is served piping hot with love on your individual plates as and when you need it with the necessary accompaniments. We do not have a menu card, but we inform our guests ahead of every meal of what is cooking and if you need something special, you are always welcome to inform us well in advance and we will of course try and accommodate your desires. As guests, you are always welcome to drop in at our Kitchen and we also welcome your participation or begin observation in learning how we do what we do best – churn out amazing mouth-watering dishes every time!

Farm Animals at Palakkad


  • Experience the feel of holding a new-born lamb/ a puppy or kittens or chicken in your arms.
  • If you wish to experience the real whole farming approach, you can milk cows and goats, and also collect chicken eggs.
  • Interesting Plants all around: Touch me not to all the way people missing natures creations- other than park/garden grown and see plants.
  • Pets like Dog/Cat/Rabbit etc...
  • Birds: Love birds/pigeons/Swans/ducks/Geese/Emu
  • Fruits/Vegetables: Jackfruit, Mango, Custard Apple, Banana, Coconut, Chiku, Red Champa, White Champa, Guava, Papaya, Lemon, Mosambi, Amla, Pomegranate, Tomato, Brinjal, Spinach, Beans, Flat Beans, Mint, Coriander, Peas, Ladies Finger, White Pumpkin, Yellow Pumpkin, Snake Guard, Tapioca, Yam, Chinees Potato, Arrowroot, Kodampulli, Erumbanpulli, White Nelli, White Jamun, Black Jamun, Mullatha, Ganapathi Narakom , Vadukapulli Narakom, Rambutan, Kodukanpulli, Arekka , Tamarind, Drumstick, Curry leaves, Pepper, Jujube, Kashmiri Jujube, Kadaplavu .
  • Nuts: Cashew, Groundnuts, Cocoa, Nutmeg.
  • Herbs/Spices: Chili, Ginger, Turmeric.
  • Trees: Teak, Rosewood, Neem, Black Palm, Mahogany, Banyan Tree, Bamboo, Almond, Veanga , Manchiyum, Vaka .
  • Fish themed activities including Fish feeding and fishing.
  • Farm Animals: Goat, Sheep, Cow,Emu, Geese, Hens, Ducks.


    1. Farming sustainability
    2. Opportunity for farming related community
    3. Envisioning farmers to next level.
    4. Connect urban community to Village and Farming
    5. Create awareness of organic farming
    6. Development of nearby farming community
    7. Awareness to farming community nearby
    8. Livelihood for at least 10-20 families directly
    9. Healthy & organic farming culture to community
    10. Water management and climatic changes- new ideas for sustainability
    11. Spreading Greenery & forest or nature & tree planting benefits to community
    12. Educating urban communities on respect for farmers.
    13. Increase local tourism potential
    14. Educate people for respecting nature and culture.
    15. Appreciating & respecting local community & cultures.
    16. Spreading Livelihood hope and innovative ideas to the community
    17. Importance of Social wellbeing and supporting each other.
    18. Creating awareness of family bondage and balancing modern with traditional life styles.
    19. Generations coming together under one roof to share their life experience and directing the new generation to a balanced and sustainable living.
    20. Giving hope and opportunity for less privileged in life.
    21. Venue for Innovating and inspiring people with less wisdom and inspiration.
Animals in Farmstay Palakkad

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