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The things here are innumerable and varied.

  • A dip and swim in the pool (fed by natural underwater springs) is truly rejuvenating.
  • Feeding, petting and cuddling our farm animals is yet another favorite past time at the farm, especially among kids. 
  • You are all welcome to participate in everyday farm work or just laze around reading your favorite book lying on hammocks between the coconut palms.
  • The quietness you experience being away from the noisy city life transports you to another world.
  • Jeep Safaris up into the Nelliyampathy hills and forest reserve is yet another option for the adventurous.
  • Visits to neighboring villages and mango orchards - open your eyes to a world almost forgotten by urbanites.
  • Our traditional temples and associated festivals are enjoyably fascinating offering a rare insight into a culture which is a blend of the Kerala and Tamil cultures.
  • The best thing about staying at our Farmstay is that it opens a Pandora’s Box to the immense possibilities of life on a farm, the backbone of our culture and civilization, exactly as it was a long time ago before the internet and social media!
  • Barbecues and bonfires are an all-time favorite many tourists / guests enjoy, especially the kids, and the experience is bondage to have a long-lasting impression on their tender growing-up years.

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